Resizing Your Rugs

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Resizing Your Rugs

Your Oriental rug has great value, whether for its actual or sentimental value. For this reason, you ought to do your best to keep it clean and free from any damage. Pride carpet cleaning can provide all the services that your precious rug needs. We do everything that is related to your carpet - from washing, dusting, drying, residential and commercial carpet cleaning, water removal, pet stain removal, odor removal, even restoration and repair. Big or small, we can do anything that needs to be done to your carpet to keep it looking like it did when it was.

Part of our services is resizing. You may have an extra rug in the attic or you simply rolled one and put it away in the garage. Whatever you did, we understand that you just cannot throw it away. It might surprise you but you can still salvage that rug. We can change its shape according to what you prefer.

Whether you need a round area rug or a long one for a runner, you can be sure that we can cut it down to your custom size.

It is important to note though that rug resizing is not a job that can be done by anyone, including you. Having a sharp cutter or pair of scissors and a pair of strong hands is just not enough to do the trick. You may be thinking that you have saved money by doing it yourself but ultimately your rug will be a mess. Even if you have some knowledge or skills in sewing or knitting, applying it to resize your rug is not enough. Unless done by a professional, a resized carpet will unravel and have that rough, unfinished look.

Our staff from pride carpet cleaning will bind the edges of your carpet after cutting it down to size. Color matched threads will be used to make sure that the rug will still look good and seem like it has had that shape from the very beginning. In fact, when the work is done on the carpet, it will have that clean, finished look. You will also be sure that it will not unravel.

Now that you know that you can still use that rug you stashed away long ago by resizing it with the help of pride carpet cleaning, you can come up with many ideas on how to use it. We can change the shape of your Oriental rug into a circle to make it an area rug. Make it smaller to turn it into a runner, or simply cut it down to make it fit your room. Actually, we can have it cut to any shape you want. There is just no reason for you to throw your precious rug away.

Resizing Your Rugs

We, at pride carpet cleaning are here to assist you with our professional rug resizing services. Eliminate the guesswork. Keep your carpet from unraveling. You don’t really need a new carpet every time you need one to fit a specific room or area. Our experienced and highly trained staff will serge and bind your carpet with such skills that it will look as good as it did as the original size and shape.

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Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. We are Closed on Saturdays for the Summer

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