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Area Rug Cleaning

You walk into your home after a storm and flooding, or even after a busted hot water tank or pipe leak that has brought water into your home. The water is threatening to quickly damage or destroy not only your carpet but your homes contents and structure. A quick response time is of the utmost importance to save your carpet from staining from the water, from mold starting to grow in your home or water damage is done from standing water. Having to remove and replace the carpet and padding or replace furniture is something that can be avoided with quick response. What you do in the first 24 hours can save money and give you peace of mind.

At Pride Carpet Cleaning, we offer a 24 hour answering service for your water damage and extraction needs. We will respond quickly and dispatch our team of highly trained and professional technicians to work quickly to make sure that the water is removed as quickly as possible to minimize the damage water will do to your home.

Using the newest techniques as well as using state of the art equipment, Pride Carpet cleaning will use the most powerful water vacuums in the industry. Throughly extracting all the water damage that your carpet has been put through. After the water has been completely extracted, we will then continue with the washing process. At Pride Carpet Cleaning, we have a long history of bringing the best carpet cleaning to our customers. After the cleaning process, powerful air movers can be used to help with the drying time. We always expecting a quick drying time, however, we always leave foot protection to enable your to walk on the carpet to keep it clean.

Some tips on what to and what not to do in a time of flooding water in your home.


1. Call 305-615-1179 (Miami/Dade), 561-829-8197 (Palm Beach ), 954-832-0799 (Broward) Toll Free 866-931-0172 for any emergency water damage and extraction needs

2. Safety is First. Slip and fall accidents along with electric shock are the most common accidents from water damage.

3. Remove as much excess water as possible safely by mopping or using other absorbent material to blot water.

4. Wipe water from wood furniture, also furniture should be placed on wood blocks or use aluminum foil to place under furniture legs and carpet.

5. If possible remove all that can be safely be moved off the wet carpet or floor, especially any colored area rugs you may have to lessen any chance of bleeding of the color in the rug to the wet carpet.


  • Use ANYTHING electrical such as television or other household appliances.

  • Use your household vacuum to remove water. If you have a wet vacuum use that to help remove excess water only.

  • Do not keep anything on the wet floor. Especially books, newspaper or magazines on the wet carpet to minimize color transfer to the carpet fiber.

For More Details - Call US : 305-615-1179 : 561-829-8197 : 954-832-0799


Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. We are Closed on Saturdays for the Summer

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