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Happy Days are Here Again Week 4

Well, here we are at week four.

How’s the economy doing- better than expected, I think. At least we don’t have to sell our jewery to get a coctail like Barbara in this video! Have you gotten your carpets cleaned by Pride Carpet Cleaning yet?

Better hurry – the holidays are upon us!

Written by William Thornton - Visit Website

Happy Days Are Here Again!

We are Pride Carpet Cleaning!

Yes, we’re shamelessly trying to sell carpet cleaning services…

But we’re also trying to shake off this recession-quite frankly, we’re tired of it.

During the Great Depression, the song “Happy Days are Here Again” was wildly popular- some say it lifted people’s spirits so much, it not only got them through the depression, but also out of it! We figure, it’s worth a try now.

So first, get your carpet cleaned by Pride Carpet Cleaning, then enjoy a new video each week for 10 weeks featuring Barbara singing “Happy Days are Here Again”, along with some surprise guests also belting out this inspirational tune. Together, we’ll get through this!

See you next week!

Written by William Thornton - Visit Website