Categories of Upholstery Materials

Simple classification of textiles used in upholstery will lead to 3 basic groups. The first one is natural, the second kind is synthetic and the third classification is known as blends, which is mostly a combination of natural and synthetic materials.

Upholstery Materials

Upholstery Materials

Cotton is a common fabric used for clothing but it is often also used as upholstery fabric for couches. It is a natural textile that is durable and can be easily designed for style. Cleaning cotton upholstery can be difficult at times since it easily soils and stains. Using too much water can damage the upholstery. Dry cleaning or low moisture spot cleaning is a better option for cotton-based upholstery. Methods such as shampooing and steam cleaning for cotton upholstery are best left to professional cleaning services every one or two years.

Denim is another natural fabric used for upholstery. It is a cotton-twill material and it should be treated the same as cotton upholstery. One characteristic of denim is that it is usually sturdier than pure cotton, and thus it may be able to withstand an annual deep cleaning. Note that denim easily fades and frequent shampooing is not advisable.

Similarly, cotton blends have greater latitude for wear and tear than 100% cottons. Other known blends include wool blends, polyester blends, linen blends, rayon blends, and acetate blends. Blends are best handled through dry cleaning services once every 6 to 12 months or as often as may be needed.

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