Cleaning Upholstery Without Vacuuming May Lead to Health Problems

In all three practices, the use of a vacuum cleaning device is central to the process. The importance of vacuuming as part of the cleaning methodology lies in the fact that the contaminants liberated and collected during cleaning are no longer redistributed or re-applied in the environment.

Cleaning Upholstery

Cleaning Upholstery

In contrast when you use a broom or duster, microscopic particulates tend to be swept up in the air. These particulates remain suspended and become part of the air we breathe. These may contain microbes, fungal spores and other undesirables. By the time the particles settle back down, they may land on another part of the room; perhaps, where there are food and water served for pets or co-inhabitants.

The same issue occurs with cleaning by wiping. As you go about wiping clean one piece of furniture after another, the chances of transfer of contaminants are very high. It cannot be emphasized enough that vacuuming must be performed on your furnishings regularly.

Cleaning upholstery without vacuuming may lead to health problems later on. We at are able to provide a thorough upholstery cleaning job for the safety and satisfaction of your office and household.

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