Cleaning area rugs

Here’s a little knowledge in the cleaning of rugs.  One of the most important steps in cleaning oriental rugs is removing all the dust particles.  Why?  Because dirt and water equal mud, and if the rug isn’t throughly removed of dirt.  Then after the cleaning your oriental rug dirt will wick to the top of the rug.  That is why at the they teach us that you need to use compress air to remove the dust first from the back side pushing it to the front.  Then dust the front side.  You can really see the dirt come out, that is why we wear a mask and glasses while doing the dusting process.  You can see this process on my main web site .  So that is the dust story.  Remember to always interview your rug cleaner!  Let me tell you a lot of people drive to fort lauderdale from Miami and Palm Beach counties to see our state of the art rug cleaning plant.  Enjoy the art under you feet.  For now, bye!

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